Ski / Board Rentals

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Our Rentals:

 SLR prides itself on offering a spacious clean modern rental area. No longer is rental given the 'room out back' or hidden from view, here at SLR our rental area commands a massive 340m2 of prime space, along with another 220m2 of backroom storage

We have heaps of off-street parking within a few metres of our front door, so NO having to carry all the equipment across the street or around town.

Our rental fleet has to be seen to be believed. Gone are the days of having to rent low end skis and boards. SLR has available for you to rent some great skis, and with heaps of choice too. Over a third of our skis and boards are "women's" specific, so they come in great colours and shapes. And let's not forget BOOTS. A massive range of kids, mens and womens boots to keep your feet smiling.

Our Performance range are all current 'retail' skis, meaning they are not low end rental models. Even our Recreational range of skis use a lot of skis straight out of the retail showroom.

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You wont hear us on the radio or in the paper claiming to be the biggest, best and cheapest!! Even though we probably are.... all we want is you to come in and COMPARE!!

Compare our price......

Compare our service.....

Compare our total package......

Then make an informed decision on where to spend your hard earned cash! Not all rental shops are equal, so don't just head on auto pilot to where you have always gone.

Why........., when you are spending so much money to come skiing, would you make a poor decision on the most important part of your ski/board holiday...the equipment you are about to spend 7 hours a day on???

Come in and see us and Compare the SLR difference. 

Our Workshop:

SLR has a world class, modern and well appointed workshop which keeps all our equipment in top shape to maximise your pleasure on the slopes. No point in having some of the best available skis for rent if they are poorly maintained.

SLR also offers ski and board tuning services to customers with their own equipment, at prices that wont break your bank, by technicians with the skill and training to tune your equipment to make the most of your time on the slopes.

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