Rental Rates

  Day 1

Extra Days

 Up to 7 days

details below

   1 Month

details below

 SNOWBOARD OR SKIS PACKAGE: (incl skis, boots & poles or board & boots)

 starter  $25.00  $20.00  $ 90.00    N/A
 recreational/standard  $30.00  $25.00  $110.00   $220.00
 performance  $35.00  $30.00  $145.00   $290.00
 demo/executive  $45.00  $35.00  $180.00   POA
 kids (100-140cm)  $20.00  $15.00  $ 75.00   $175.00
 kids (mini 70, 80, 90cm)  $15.00  $10.00  $ 45.00   $120.00
 kids performance twin tip skis  $25.00  $20.00  $ 90.00   $200.00
 poles only  $5.00  free    
 wristguards - free with rental  $5.00  free    
 snowboard bindings only  $10.00  $5.00  $30.00  
 snowblades (inc boots)  $30.00  $20.00  $110.00  
 regular  $15.00  $10.00   $45.00  
 executive  $20.00  $10.00   $55.00  
SNOWBOARD OR SKIS ONLY: (inc poles if required)
 recreational/standard  $25.00  $20.00   $100.00   $200.00
 performance  $30.00  $25.00   $125.00   $250.00
 demo/executive  $40.00  $30.00   $160.00     POA
  Day 1 Extra Days  Up to 7 days  1Month


 pants  $12.00  $10.00   $45.00  
 jacket  $12.00  $10.00   $45.00  
 pants and jacket  $18.00  $15.00   $65.00  
 gloves  $ 5.00  $ 5.00   $20.00  
 goggles  $ 5.00  $ 5.00   $20.00  
 beanie  $ 5.00  $ 5.00   $20.00  
 'the works'  (1 of each of the above items)  $25.00  $20.00   $85.00  


 adult  $ 5.00  $ 5.00   $25.00  
 child  $ 5.00    FREE    
 child helmet is FREE for consecutive days only if skis or boards are rented, otherwise $5.00 a day


 adult  $10.00  $ 5.00   $25.00  
 child  $ 5.00  $ 5.00   $20.00  

 SNOWPLAY:   (rental/hire for 4 hours only)

 adult                package includes: pants/jacket/gloves/goggles and walk boots.....................$25.00 
 child                package includes: pants/jacket/gloves/goggles and walk boots.....................$20.00
Accidental Damage Insurance:   
 $3.00 for day 1, then $1.00 for any consecutive day.  * details below


Book on-line and save up to 20% off the first day

SLR offers a full weather warranty.  
 Pay if you use!!! (Conditions below do apply).



Choose the equipment you want, and pay the Day 1 rate when you uplift the equipment. If you rent the evening before and then the mountain is closed, return the equipment in an UNUSED dry condtion (clothing) by 11 am for a refund. Any additional days are paid when you return the equipment.

Equipment is to be returned by 6pm on the final day of rental.

 Up to 7 DAY RENTAL:

Choose the equipment you want, and pay the full amount upfront. Allows you to set your budget for your time in town, and removes the pressure of having to ski/board every day all day, to get value. If BOTH Turoa and Whakapapa are closed 4 days or more (excluding Alpine Meadow/Happy Valley) during your week, you will be refunded back to the days the ski area(s) are open. Bring your skis/board back after 3 or 4 days skiing and we will re-service your equipment at no cost .


Choose the equipment you want, and pay the full amount upfront. Allows you to set your budget for your time in town, and removes the pressure of having to ski/board every day all day, to get value. NO refunds. Bring your skis/board back one a week and we will re-service your equipment at no cost .


Accidental Damage Insurance covers any accidental damage/normal wear and tear, which may occur to the rental equipment. On selecting to take out insurance, SLR will cover the repair or replacement costs of any accidental damage or breakage that may occur to the equipment as a result of hidden rocks, debris or other snow users. Please note that this insurance does not cover damage caused by user negligence or reckless skiing/boarding (eg skiing down into the carparks, or areas with limited snow) nor does it cover loss or theft of the equipment.

Sorry, but Accidental Damage Insurance is NOT available on Demo/Executive rentals

These are skis or boards which are a few years old (not super old straight skis), and an older boot, but they are well tuned/maintained, and are still great skis or boards for beginners or cost conscious intermediates. These skis/boards are not pieces of junk, just older.

These skis or boards are new or up to four seasons old and are in very good condition, well tuned and maintained, and suit skiers/boarders of all levels. As a comparison, you would expect to pay between $35-$45 a day to hire skis or boards in similar condition at other rental stores.

These are new seasons skis and boards, or near new last seasons. Latest shapes, sidecuts, short and long radius, on and off trail. Fantastic value at $35 for the first day and $30 for everyday thereafter. Performance rentals get the newest selection of boots.

High-end skis and boards ranging from on-trail rippers/race skis, to fun wide twin-tips and powder fats - and everything in between. In our Demo range we stock top of the line Atomic, Salomon and Nordica skis and Burton and Salomon Snowboards, so you can try before you buy or just keep renting the latest in ski/board technology. To rent this equipment you must a valid form of ID and a Credit Card


KIDS equipment:

Our rental of Kids equipment, be it skis or boards, is based on weight, height and foot size........NOT age. This equipment is normally a much lighter weight ski or board and boots with a light 'flex', and come with maximum recommendations on skier/rider weights etc.

As a general rule, kids boots run up to a Mondo 26.5 (cm) boot and with skis and board lenghts up to 140cm, and suit riders under 50kg. If your child does not fit into any of the 3 measures, then they have to use Adult equipment, and most opt for the Starter gear, which is $5 a day more.


We have over 400 pairs of snowboard boots (ranging in size from childrens size 1 to adults US15) and over 800 pairs of ski boots (ranging in size from childrens 1 to adults US17). We are confident we can supply the right boot for your foot. SLR has ‘state of the art’ boot drying systems, which means we wont give you damp/wet boots.                                                                                                                                          

A large selection of high quality 10,000mm Aggression clothing ranging from one piece jumpsuits for the infants to 9XL in pants and jackets. We also rent gloves, goggles and helmets. All four (pants/jacket/gloves/goggles) for only $25 per day – compare that! Helmets are available at extra cost.


This was a new package in 2012. It suits families or groups that just want to spend a few hours on the mountain, maybe going on a chairlift sightseeing ride, or riding a sled in the sliding area. Or just wanting some warm dry clothes to watch family and/or friends from the cafe decks. For 4 hours we offer all the clothes and boots you require to have a great time. If you wish to go sledding, then we strongly suggest you just rent a sled from Mt Ruapehu up on the mountain. They have a dedicated sled counter (no big queues) for $15 a day. Saves a load of hassle dragging the big sleds around the carparks and fitting/transporting them into your car. Don't forget your sunscreen and camera!!!