To keep our demo and rental fleet skiing like new, SLR has built a world class, modern and well appointed workshop to maximise your pleasure on the slopes. All our rental equipment is serviced after every hire! All this to give you the best rentals in the country.

Of course, our state of the art machines and highly trained techs are not only there to maintain our fleet. We believe we offer some of the best ski and board tuning services and prices in the country, comparable to top European workshops. Our internationally trained technicians will bring your skis and boards back to life, and at a price that won’t KILL your wallet!!!

As we all know, a day on the slopes is not a cheap day. With petrol, accommodation, food, lift tickets, etc, it all adds up. So why when you are spending so much, would you spend the day on poorly tuned equipment, be it your own or from elsewhere. There is no comparision in skiing/boarding on well tuned equipment, as everything works as it should.

Our workshop equipment, from industry leaders Montana of Switzerland, includes the following tuning machines; P-Tex Master, Wax Master, 3D edge machine, LC snowboard grinder and a Robotic wide stone grinder with Vario structures to give you World Cup base finishes (the only machine in the North Island off-mountain, that is capable of doing so). Our Montana ‘Wax Future’, which is a state of the art infrared hot waxer, is still setting the standard for hot waxing in the North Island.

 We have a Montana Jet Bond which is used to check your ski bindings to make sure they are safe, and working as they should. The Montana Jet Bond is also used to calibrate our entire rental fleet, making SLR’s skis the safest available. This is the only machine, off-mountain, in the North Island. At $10 for a binding test ($5 with a full tune), what price do you put on saving your knees from a faulty binding?

Please feel free to come in and check out our high tech machines, we are only too happy to show you them if we have time. Why spend $450,000+ on the most advanced machines around and not let them be seen!

Your skis and boards are modern, high tech pieces of equipment and they deserve to be tuned by modern machines designed to tune modern high tech skis/boards. The only people that knock our machines are the ones that can’t afford them!

If you require a tune, your skis or board can be dropped off and will be ready for pick up the next morning. While you are partying, relaxing or sleeping after a hard day on the slopes, our technicians will be working into the wee small hours to bring your equipment back to life!

“It’s generally not the wax that makes a ski or board run faster – it’s the structure on the base,” explains SLR. The bases structure acts like the tread on a car tyre, pumping the water/snow “sideways”. Wax is there to protect the base from drying out. If the base of the ski or board is dry and white and/or furry, it means the ski or board won’t perform as it should and therefore needs urgent attention.

Come in and check us out. We will look at your board or skis and advise if anything needs work/repair.

Please note some nights during season, due to a very high demand, we may be unable to accept all work on an overnight service.


SLR offers ski and board tuning services at prices that wont break your bank, by technicians with the skill and training to tune your equipment to make the most of your time on the slopes.


PRICES: (all rates are for an overnight service)
 Machine Wax$5.00
 Hot Wax$10.00
 Edge and Machine Wax$10.00
 Edge and Hot Wax$15.00
Edge work includes base bevel, side edge, debur and detune if requested
 P-tex, base repair price on application: normally around$5-10.00
 SNOWBOARD light grind, edge and wax    $20.00     
 SNOWBOARD Full Tune, (with your bindings taken OFF)$30.00
 SNOWBOARD Full Tune, (with your bindings ON)$35.00
 SKI Full Tune  (most common request)$30.00
All Full Tunes Includes stone and /or belt (for boards) grind, edge and wax
 Vario ‘race’ structures (on top of $30 full tune)$10.00
 Ski Binding calibration$10.00
 Ski Binding calibration with full tune$5.00
 Other services available and priced on applicationPOA



Do robotic stone grinders dramatically reduce the life of your equipment?


This myth is generally used by shops that don’t have these expensive high tech machines. These machines start at about $150K and rise in price to over $500K.

These robotic machines use the same principles as a manual workshop, but instead of a staff member feeding the ski or board through the machine by hand (what some shops call hand tuning), a robotic machine picks up the ski/board and takes it across the stone, first in one direction, then back again. A manual machine has only two contact points on the ski in which to apply downward pressure, while a robotic machine has five and with the computer controlled vacuum pressure system, the ski/board is divided in 10 pressure curve areas, which gives unlimited opportunity to vary which area of the ski or board is ground harder, or less as the case may be.

A manual machine cannot vary this. A robotic machine grinds two skis at once, whilst a manual machine grinds only one ski at a time. Each time a ski passes, the stone wears down a fraction, meaning the tune on a manual machine is not identical on both skis.

Grinding skis or boards is a slow repetitive (boring) job so staff can choose to quicken up the process by increasing the stone speed and the downwards feed pressure. This means a quick job, but a poor one as the p-tex can be burnt, resulting in a poor finish. A robotic machine is never in a hurry to get to the pub or bed, or up the hill, so every grind is done the same - or as programed to do. In our rental fleet, some skis have had over 50 grinds and are still going strong.


WAX FUTURE - High end hot waxing machine for Top Quality Service and Racing
The latest race proven waxing technology with the highest requirements for far better gliding and protection properties. Any wax on the market can be applied to the bases by hand or with a wax machine such as MONTANA FLUID WAXER or WAXMASTER. Without any direct ski contact or temperature shock the WAX FUTURE glides at variable speed over the base and allows the wax to penetrate deep into the polyethylene base. The application is independent of the outside temperature (no condensation as normal when using the iron). Wax saving compared with conventional wax methods is up to 90%. Based on our optimized wax application, you will get a higher wax penetration and absorption which results in long lasting gliding capacity of the ski and snowboard bases especially with hard waxes. The even distribution of the temperature over the whole ski leads to a homogeneous wax penetration.


Our CRYSTAL EDGE - offers Radial Tuning
Utilizing the gradually changing geometry of an ellipse, Radial Tuning bevels skis and snowboards more in the wider shovel and tail areas and less in the narrow waist area underfoot. The effect is easier turn initiation and completion as well as giving solid secure edging throughout the entire turn, regardless of speed and snow conditions. Also thanks to Radial Tuning the danger of falling is reduced because the skier can abruptly interrupt a full speed turn anytime without risking a dangerous fall because the edges are still gripping on the snow.