Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we get discounts for multi-day rental?
A: Yes - from the second day onwards there is a discount per extra day hire. Checkout our amazing up to 7 day rental deal. 

Q: Are there special rates available for large groups?
A: absolutely. please contact us at   or call on 06 3859018, to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Q: Can we get student deals?
A: Sorry our prices are so good....and offered to everyone....we can't make them any cheaper, unless you book online.

Q: Can we pick up our ski or snowboard equipment the day before?
A: we strongly recommend it! come in anytime after 3pm, and there will be no charge for that days rental. Whats more, if you Book online, you can save an amazing up to 20% off your first day rental. 

Q: Can  I exchange my ski rental for a snowboard?
A: definitely, or from snowboards to skis. please note there may be a price difference, which will be applicable upon switching.

Q: We want to take a day off in the middle, how do i reserve this?
A: you can return the equipment back to us, but you may lose the multi-day discount  

Q: Do you have a refund policy?
A: sure do! We will gladly give you a refund in the event that both fields (turoa and whakapapa ski fields) are closed, or if you incur a serious injury. See below for our T&C's

Q: Any more queries?
A: please email us 

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