Clothing Rental

Book on-line and save up to 20% off the first day


We supply a great range of high quality 10,000mm Aggression clothing ranging from one piece jumpsuits for the infants to 9XL in pants and jackets to help keep you warm, dry and safe, during your trip to Ruapehu.   We also rent gloves, goggles and helmets. 
This includes:

  • The Works - jacket, pants, gloves, goggles and beanie $25.00 Day 1 /additional days $20 per day
  • Jackets & Pants $18.00 Day 1 / additional days $15 per day 
  • Jacket OR Pants $12 .00 Day 1 /additional days $10 per days
  • Kids Clothing (one-piece suits) $15.00 Day 1 / additional days $10 per day
  • Gloves $5.00 per day
  • Goggles $5.00 per day
  • Helmets $5.00 per day
  • Beanie - $5.00 per day
  • Wristguards (Free with board rental, otherwise $5.00 per day)
  • Snow Boots  - Adults $10 per day, Child $5.00 per day

 Longer term Clothing  rental prices Here

It suits families or groups that just want to spend a few hours on the mountain, maybe going on a chairlift sightseeing ride, or riding a sled in the sliding area. Or just wanting some warm dry clothes to watch family and/or friends from the cafe decks. 
For 4 hours we offer all the clothes and boots you require to have a great time. 

Adult $25.00 per day
Child $20.00

If you wish to go sledding, then we strongly suggest you just rent a sled from Mt Ruapehu up on the mountain. They have a dedicated sled counter (no big queues) for $15 a day. Saves a load of hassle dragging the big sleds around the carparks and fitting/transporting them into your car. Don't forget your sunscreen and camera!!!